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Welcome to Say. Think. Know!TM, the creators of "I Am! ¡Yo Soy!"

It is our goal, through this baby board book series, to enrich the reading experience between parents and their babies and toddlers. By doing so, we hope to establish a foundation for open communication between parents and children.

We hope you find your experience with “I Am! ¡Yo Soy!”, book one of the Say.Think.Know! series, to be both beneficial and fun!

When children read the baby board book, "I Am! ¡Yo Soy!", they will:
1   develop an early love and excitement for reading as they look forward to the pictures and concepts it presents. – EARLY LITERACY
2   begin to understand the connections between facial expressions, body language and emotions. – POSITIVE COMMUNICATION
3   not only identify with its positive character attributes, but they will begin to replicate the attributes within their behavior as well.
4   engage in a meaningful and interactive reading experience with their parents encouraging positive and open communication.
It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or parenting, the baby board book, "I Am! ¡Yo Soy!", will impact your lives. Share this baby board book with others as a baby shower gift, birthday celebration or a simple caring gesture. Say Think Know!