The Creation of an Idea
The Creation of an Idea

Kelli Bettenhausen is a recognized leader in the field of early childhood development, but it is her passion for a child’s sense of self-worth that gave birth to this baby board book. Children need to feel loved from the beginning of their lives, and parents need ways to tell their babies and toddlers that they are valued. Kelli has always been deeply committed to these truths, but there have been few, if any, baby board books that make it easy for parents to tell their babies and toddlers that they already have many special traits.

Until now, that is! Now parents can tell their babies and toddlers that they are loved and children can hear that they are worthy… again and again and again. Many families have discovered the power of “I Am! ¡Yo Soy!” by reading it together everyday, and Kelli’s passion for our children’s self-esteem has borne fruit! Kelli’s baby board book with the concept of Say.Think.Know! is making a real difference in the lives of real families. We know this because we are being inundated with testimonials like the one you see below.

Real Babies and Toddlers
Doing Real Things

Real affirmations. Real traits. Infants and toddlers love to look at faces of real children. “I Am! ¡Yo Soy!” not only provides faces but incorporates real life actions as well. This book pictures toddlers performing actions associated with character attributes, and it is making a difference! We thank Kelli and her sister, Kendra, for their passion and persistence.

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