Below are some testimonials of how reading “I Am! ¡Yo Soy!” to your child can bring great results. “I Am! ¡Yo Soy!” owners, do you have a success story or a picture to share? Please contact us at

“This book is fantastic. My daughter loves to read along with me and wants to read the book over and over! The positive reinforcement is wonderful! Even my 8 month old son is intrigued by the baby photographs. The whole family can enjoy this book. Can’t wait for the next one!”
Mary Robinson, Joliet, Il

“My two year old daughter absolutely loved “I Am! ¡Yo Soy!” from the first read! She was captivated by the beautiful expressions on the children’s faces and “read” along with the text after just a few times. We know that she is owning the messages in “I Am! ¡Yo Soy!” because we caught her just the other day looking at herself in the mirror and proclaiming “I am strong!” and “I am so big!”. :o) Bravo for creating such a wonderfully positive and empowering book.”
Dae C. Sheridan, Ph.D., LMHC, CRC., Tampa, FL

“This book speaks to parents and children through both the pictures and the positive messages. Jac turns the pages and smiles at the children inside as if they are friends. The first time he picked it up, he kissed one of the pages!”
Debrah Clark, mother of Jac, 11 months old

“I am impressed. The book is simple, appealing and positive-- and the message is very timely. It’s the kind of book a child can even memorize, and so it can help him learn to read.”
Mona Laura, mother and grandmother, Brooklyn, NY

“There aren’t many books that catch my 9-month old’s attention, but he absolutely loves this particular one. I love how he smiles at the faces and points at them, almost as though he’s interacting with them. I look forward to Kyle growing with “I Am! ¡Yo Soy!” and learning more about self-appreciation.”
Liane Caruso, Tampa, FL